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Investing in Commercial Real Estate For Value Growth

Photo of appartment buildingAt PLTA, we build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and then deliver steady year-over-year returns to them. We understand commercial real estate investing and what it takes to succeed, seizing the moment when an investment is right, and aiming for long-term growth rather than a quick turn. We have consistently purchased value properties in strong economic markets and then managed and maintained them to high standards, for a strong ROI. This philosophy has served our investors well since PTLA was founded.

Over 90% of our investors have reinvested with PTLA and 75% of our investors are invested in more than one of our partnerships

In 1973, Sam Beler and and Bob Wattles created PTLA Corporation with a dream of building a commercial real estate company that would invest in properties of sound economic value, were not heavily leveraged and would produce a good return for investors.  At the same time they were committed to living their lives and operating their business by Christian principals. This dream is now a flourishing reality, and PTLA continues to have these guiding principles at its core.

Today, PTLA has approximately 250 private investors who have invested in a wide variety of commercial real estate projects that meet PTLA’s original investment criteria.  A true testimony to our success is our investor retention and referral rate. Over 90% of our investors have reinvested with PTLA and 75% of our investors are invested in more than one of our partnerships.

Value Investing, A Consistent Rate of Return

Photo of appartment buildingWe currently manage and own 25 active partnerships.  Our projected target return to investors on new purchases is 12 to 16 percent internal rate of return, on an annual basis. 
Currently, we are focusing on multi-family housing, mainly apartments and mobile home parks, in the Western states. Our most recent acquisitions are in Spokane, Washington, So. Oregon, Northern California and the Portland, Oregon area. 

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We pride ourselves on our stable rate of return



I trust PTLA with my hard-earned dollars and believe they will continue to multiply them steadily, one step at a time, over the years ahead.
- Mark Montgomery, Belleveue, Washington USA

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